A retrospective of the work of Studio Drift at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

April 25 - August 26, 2018


Coded Nature shows an overview of 10 years Studio Drift: exploring fluctuating relationships between nature, technology and man. In addition to early designs, the exhibition features new, previously unseen work. The total presentation comprises 16 galleries with room-filling and site specific installations, together with a selection of films, sculptures, prototypes and models. The exhibition is curated by Ingeborg de Roode and Pao-Lien Dije, in close collaboration with the founders of Studio Drift, Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta.

On the occasion of Studio Drift's retrospective, the City of Amsterdam in collaboration with Intel, BMW, Rabobank, RAI, Stichting NDSM-werf and Studio Drift offered the public the unique opportunity to view Franchise Freedom, a flying sculpture consisting of 300 choreographed drones above the river IJ in Amsterdam. Over thirty thousand people experienced the performance together. 

Over its four-month showing, Coded Nature became the most visited and highest ranked show by the public.

Lonneke Gordijn, Studio Drift: "The museum has shown our work to a very wide public. It gives enormous satisfaction that you notice that it lands with people, that people can do something with it. In fact, I think that is the most important thing, that you are doing something that is valuable to other people. “

Complementing the exhibition, Gordijn and Nauta selected from the museum's collection work by four artists with whom they feel an affinity. Christo and Jeanne-Claude were among them. Also included are works by James Turell (because of the importance of light in his work and his emphasis on perception), Philip Glass (who, like Studio Drift, often works with repetitive elements) and Floris Kaayk (among other reasons because of his desire to make the impossible possible). 

During the exhibition the museum organised seminars, workshops and talks with thinkers, scientists, philosophers, historians and other experts tuch as Martijntje Smits, Luuk van Laake, Floris Kaayk, William Myers and Daniel Palmer in order to relate the work to various disciplines.

STUDIO DRIFT: POEMS IN MATERIAL & MOTION - Longread — 28 Sep 2018 — William Myers