With the Ghost Collection, Studio Drift explores the boundaries of experimental hi-tech production possibilities to give shape to their ideas. In this regard, the Ghost Collection is about the contrast between an endless freely floating airiness that is captured in a tightly limiting rigid form. The inner shapes were created using a unique 3D-technique to form subsurface drawings inside the solid acrylic at this large scale, giving them their dualistic character.

The Ghost Collection consists of a King Chair, a Queen Chair, a Chair and a Stool. The Ghost Collection refers to past times. Back when the shape of the chair indicated ones social position. The king and queen had large thrones with armrests, while the guests were seated on chairs of a simpler design. 

Each Ghost Chair has a very sharp-edged, graphic silhouette. Yet when placed under a distinctive light, an internal shape in the transparent objects is revealed. An unexpected organic and elusive ghostlike figure appears, like frozen smoke. 

Studio Drift uses advanced technology and fine craftsmanship. Each work by Drift attempts to make some kind of future prediction. It entails a struggle within the limits of what is considered possible, ultimately pushing back the boundaries each time. 

Ghost Collection, by Studio Drift 

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